Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – Film Review


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom sees “The Impossible” director J.A Bayona helm this follow-up to the 2015 juggernaut “Jurassic World”. Also returning to the franchise, after their debut in the franchise in 2015 is Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard.

This instalment sees Owen Grady (Pratt) and Clare Dearing (Dallas Howard) embarking on mission to rescue a range of various dinosaur species on the island of Isla Nublar, before an approaching volcanic eruption. Whilst I’ve never seen the original sequels i.e the second and third entries in this franchise (and from what I hear I’m not missing much), 1993’s “Jurassic Park” is an undeniable classic and a milestone in Hollywood blockbuster film-making. To this day it remains thoroughly captivating, suspenseful, relatively terrifying but also with a brimming with a sense of charm and magic. Whilst “Jurassic World” dazzled with spectacular set pieces, I found it to be a blander entry, though not without merit. With a director I was familiar with, who possesses a distinct style, I was thoroughly optimistic for “Fallen Kingdom”.

Pure summer blockbuster fun sums this film up perfectly. Never for one second in its high-energy, 128-minute run-time, did “Fallen Kingdom” lose my attention. J.A Bayona’s direction and more arresting cinematography made this a delightfully darker instalment in the beloved series. The action is visceral and riddled with grit, though still demands you to suspend your disbelief. Sequences on Isla Nublar is exactly the type of fun and edge of your seat experience that audiences want and expect from a franchise like “Jurassic Park”. The climatic 40-minutes is a series of wildly entertaining cinematic moments, that divulge into appropriately violent and frightening territory. Despite the fact “Fallen Kingdom” doesn’t seem to utilise practical effects – a characteristic to the original film, that made it so renowned – the CGI that brings the dinosaurs to life is marvellously seamless. There isn’t an unconvincing shot at any point, making “Fallen Kingdom” a technical and visual marvel.

Chris Pratt brings the same charisma and charm he brings to every project he stars in. A leading man who audiences will surely want to follow, Pratt sells the larger than life scenarios his character find himself in with rich believability. Equally, Bryce Dallas Howard seems highly passionate about being part of this project and brings much of the emotion to the film. Both Pratt and Dallas Howard work brilliantly together and do a great deal through their performances alone.

Fallen Kingdom”, however, could have easily been elevated to greater heights with a stronger script that could develop, what are unfortunately, thinly written characters. The character of Owen Grady in particular, largely works due to the charm of Pratt. Otherwise, the character undergoes little to no development, and is rendered as no more than an entertaining presence, devoid of any emotional substance. This leads me to my biggest issue with “Fallen Kingdom”. Much of the deeper, complex themes that raised the original above standard blockbuster quality, is absent in this fifth outing. Despite intriguing conversations regarding the conflict between science and nature that dominate the opening of the film, any further complexities seem to disappear when dinosaurs enter the picture. For that reason, and as many would likely re-iterate, the magic of “Jurassic Park” is near-impossible to replicate in its sequels.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” is the cinematic equivalent of a rollercoaster, complete with genuine thrills and excitement. The entertainment value, darker tone and fast-pace made this the type of lively blockbuster I want to see this summer, and I had a fantastic time with it. While, an argument can be made, and rightly so that the Jurassic series deserves to be lauded for more than just it’s face-value entertainment, I was beyond satisfied with this entry. Despite not always capturing original “Jurassic Park” magic and having thinly written characters, the escapism “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” offers is impeccable. It’s lacking below the surface, but its nevertheless a well-crafted picture brewing with creativity. I for one, cannot wait to experience it again.


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